Eikon Research

Eikon Research, Inc. is a small business based in Huntsville, AL that develops, tests, and implements radar, infrared, and medical technology systems. We specialize in the design and analysis of these technologies during all stages of development: from concept to implementation.

About Us

Founded in 2014, Eikon Research is a small company located in Huntsville, Alabama, that specializes in developing innovative solutions to complex problems. Eikon's subject matter expertise lies in the fields of:

  • Radar and Infrared Sensors
  • Signal and Image Processing
  • Medical Technology
  • Software Development

Our capabilities include advanced algorithm development, detailed simulation and analysis, consulting, custom software, scientific studies and research.

Meet Our Team

Infrared Systems and Image Processing

Eikon has the in-house capability to research, design, develop and test infrared sensor technology. Some of our capabilities include:
- Sensor Modeling
- Target Detection and Tracking Algorithms

Radar Systems

Eikon has been involved in the design and analysis of radars at each stage of development and deployment. This work has included:

- Signal Processing and Waveform Design 
- Clutter and Multipath Prediction
- Antenna Design
- Beam-forming Techniques
- Sensor Data Fusion

Medical Technology

The founders of Eikon have a passion to transition the knowledge, algorithms, and technology developed for missile defense applications to solve current medical problems that men and women face everyday. Some of our current research areas include:

- Earlier Cancer Detection
- Advanced Registration Algorithms
- Improved Ultrasound Technology

Software Development

Eikon specializes in software design and development for all processing platforms. We develop and test software solutions ranging from signal processing software development to complex end-user software suites. Eikon's in-house software development capabilities include:

- Robust software development in C, C++, C# and Java
- Detailed software design and project management
- Object-oriented code design
- Scripting Languages such as MATLAB and Python
-Change Control and Bug Reporting
- Linux, OS-X, and Windows platform development

Infrared Systems and Image Processing
Radar Systems
Medical Technology
Software Development



Working hours

7:30a.m. - 4:30p.m.

Phone Number

(256) 464-2277

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